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What’s for Dinner?

We’ve been pretty good this week and just cooking everyday. While today was Curry night, I decided to also make “Garlic Cheese Bread Bubbles”.

The original recipe was sent to me by my dear friend Pilar who found the original recipe. (Original Recipe) She had brought over some one day while I was kitty-sitting during a open house session at my parents house. While the recipe called for quite a few things that i did not have. It didn’t stop me. I decided to make it my own!

Garlic Cheese Bread Bubbles

• 1 1/2 tbsp minced garlic (jar)
• 1 tbsp garlic (fresh)
• half a stick of butter (could use a 1/4 instead since I still had leftovers and didnt want to drizzle)
• salt & pepper tt
• 1 can grands flaky biscuits – butter flavor/jr sized
• provolone cheese (since I didn’t have parmesan)

Melt butter, mix in jar minced garlic and add s&p tt. Then flatten each biscuit and roll half a slice of cheese and roll it into a ball. Set aside. Get a muffin pan (or whatever pan you have) and spray with cooking spray. Dip each ball into the butter mixture and put in the muffin pan. Since I used texas sized muffin pan today, I stuck three balls in each area. Sprinkle with the fresh minced garlic, spoon just a bit of butter mixture over each and top with a quarter slice of cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. Voila!:)

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